Havana Brown

The Havana Brown cat is awesome!

They are a mix between a Siamese and a domestic black cat.  Is the domestic black cat an actual breed? I guess it is…

The Havana Brown totally looks like the cat version of a chocolate lab

It’s crazy but I love ’em.

Havana Browns are friendly and good additions to a family with kids (and maybe a chocolate lab!)


This is also Havana Brown

She’s an Australian DJ, singer-songwriter, record producer, dancer and she is not a cat.  This Havana Brown has toured with Brittney Spears, Rhianna, The Pussycat Dolls and Enrique Inglesias.  There is no documented evidence that a Havana Brown cat has toured with Rhianna but we’re still investigating.

Back to cats; the Havana Brown is a very friendly and social creature who doesn’t like to be left alone and enjoys the company of his owner.  They are short haired so grooming is easy, we us a rubber tipped brush that fits in my palm to brush our cat and, unlike the dog, really seems to enjoy brushing time.

The name “Havana Brown” (the cat not the entertainer) comes from their coat being similar in color to a Havana cigar a rich brown color.  In Europe this breed is called the Chestnut Brown.  I guess “Chocolate Cat” didn’t test well with the focus groups ;-D

Lots more Havana Brown to come, stay tuned